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How to Eat Vegan Anywhere and Not Starve

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

You know the story. You meet friends or a business client for lunch and discover that the restaurant of their choice is a bit lacking in their vegan options. What to do? The mistake we vegans often make is that we immediately scan the menu for vegan entrees, finding very little that isn't salad-based.

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Want a nifty little tip to avoid salad-itis? Instead of ordering an entree, assemble a combination of a few side dishes. Most restaurants feature a wealth of vegan friendly options to accompany entrees such as vegetables, rice, quinoa, beans, kale, sweet potatoes and the like. So too a few together and tell the waiter to bring them out on an entree dish. Or order that salad but add the side dish protein on top.

Side dishes...they're not just for entrees anymore.

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