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You've Got Food on Your Face

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

EASY, DIY, plant-based skincare to get you through this crazy and finicky skin time of year!

Plant Based Nutrition Coach

Hey there, Pumpkn'

Vegan Nutrition Coach

Skin never knows what it wants to do, but we have no problem getting right on top of our skincare regimen and figuring out how to solve our skincare woes asap. Dry, dehydrated, oily t-zone or congested skin- there's a simple DIY fix to help and it's all wallet friendly.

One of our favorite things to do while scooping out the pumpkin innards during Fall, is to freeze and save them. Pumpkin has natural enzymes and vitamins to not only get rid of dead skin and dryness, but it's rich in vitamins that can firm and brighten skin. We love slathering this on all over before hopping into the shower. We use it as a face pack most of the time though. The best way to do this is to use a high speed blender (thank you Vitamix gods) and blend until smooth. Then just slap it on your face. We always get glow-y, soft skin.

Vegan Lifestyle Coach

If you are feeling particularly dry or lackluster, add in some scrubby. Take some sugar and add it to the pumpkin puree to make an amazing glow scrub. If you end up freezing and saving the pumpkin insides, just defrost on the counter thoroughly before pureeing.

No time for cutting up pumpkins? Canned pumpkin works too, it's gentler for sensitive skinned folks too!

Sweet, Sweet Cinnamon

Vegan Coach

Yes we said cinnamon. Cinnamon is a great DIY lip plumper, but as with all things you're going to be putting on that beautiful face- use caution! Cinnamon is a warming spice and really heats up fast. Be sure to use sparingly and slowly at first and no need to rub the skin hard or be rough with it. Cinnamon is used in so many holiday dishes, we figured why not add it to our skincare and use it up! Add it to gloss for lip plumping, add it to your face for some serious cell turnover and a fresh glow.

All we do is dampen our face and start with a small amount of cinnamon and make small and gentle circles using our fingertips. Just gently buffing the skin. The cinnamon will increase blood flow to the skin, aiding in cell turnover and brightening. So you'll be a tad pink at first.

Rinse with cool water thoroughly and pat gently dry. Immediately follow with your favorite moisturizer. Ours is fresh aloe. You glow girl- or Boy!

Sweet Potato Pie Face

Plant Based Nutrition Coach

Eating a bunch of sweet potato pie while delicious, isn't what we are suggesting. But have a few slices anyway. Getting in plenty of sweet potatoes is amazing for your skin. It helps to repair and firm and brighten. Rich in vitamins and minerals especially vitamin A which is great for acneic skin, it can help cut down oil production and battle cystic ace as well.

You can also juice them and add the juice to clay masks or on their own to dampen the face and help to brighten the skin. This also helps to decrease dark spots and plumps the skin. Just add the juice to the face, allow to dry and rinse and pat dry.

What's your favorite face food?

About Amarie Halley

Amarie is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist, Makeup artist and Cruelty-Free beauty guru. She's natural food buff and loves holistic remedies, tinctures and healing foods. Her passion is bringing beauty and compassion together, for inside and out gorgeousness!

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