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Five Practically Ready Vegan Holiday Roasts

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Sometimes you really wish you could take the time to cook a savoury, homemade veggie dish to wow the family. Sometimes there's just no time! What is one to do? There isn't always time to bake a 25 ingredient, 2-day prep work, veggie roast of your dreams. (Though it's totally worth it if you do.)

Vegan Lifestyle Coach

So, here is our compilation of the BEST and already put together, veggie roasts:

Tofurky Veggie Roast has to be the number one plant-based roast we hear fellow plant people rave about time and time again. From texture to seasoning, they admit it is the perfect dupe for the typical holiday centerpiece.

Field Roast's Classic Celebration Roast is our personal favorite and it's so full of flavor and pairs really well with some homemade cranberry sauce and one can usually find it on sale. Win-win! Sometimes we even buy two or three and have one for each holiday meal. Personally, we think Field Roast has some of the best veggie products in the market.

Smoky Forager's Roast (also by Field Roast) This one is for the people who have refined taste or simply want something less faux turkey and more faux ham. With a pienapple mustard glaze, stuffing and gravy, you will definitely need to wear stretchy waistband pants, because YUM!

Gardein's Holiday Roast Another one of our favorites - this roast is a tad on the salty side but it's very flavorful and stuffed with wild rice and cranberries and the texture is perfect. With a bit of juiciness and chew, it's a great roast to feed everyone at the table.

Vegetarian Plus "Ham" Roll is yet another great alternative to all the faux and imitation poultry rolls. Made with non-GMO soy protein and an apricot/plum glaze, this is sure to be not only a crowd pleaser but one you could roll out at Easter time too! (You see what we did there?)

Eating a plant-based diet shouldn't mean missing out on events or special holidays or even great food. Be sure to check out more of our recipes that would be perfect to add to your table this year. Let us know your favorite holiday rolls and roasts too!

About Amarie Halley

Amarie is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist, Makeup artist and Cruelty-Free beauty guru. She's natural food buff and loves holistic remedies, tinctures and healing foods. Her passion is bringing beauty and compassion together, for inside and out gorgeousness!

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