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Vegan Options in Restaurants to Skyrocket in 2017

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Do you ever miss your old fave restaurants you use to visit before going vegan? Wishing you could still visit and actually eat there too? Ever get invited out to dinner, drinks or to an event at a restaurant and have zero options? Well, according to analysts and some food predictions, it looks like 2017 is going to be even more the Year of the Vegan.

Vegan Nutrition Coach

Restaurants, even popular ones, are starting to see the rise in not only veggie options but requests for entirely meat-free plates. Food consulting firm Baum and Whiteman says, "They're pushing animal protein to the side of the plate... or entirely off it," which couldn't be better news for all Vegan Options in Restaurants to Skyrocket in 2017!of us already on the plant-based train.

As the popularity rises in 2017, trends and options will change and the 2020's are looking very bright for cruelty-free food stops and meals. Our hope is not for the places that serve non vegan foods to disappear, but to start offering wider varieties of things we can eat and love. We want places like Ihop, Uno's, Papa John's, Apple Bee's, Wendy's, Panera, Chipotle, Moe's Subway, Coldstone, Cheesecake Factory to put as much time and research into plant-based recipes and meals as they do for the non vegan dishes.

Veganism has also boomed lately because of teens and Instagram. With inspiring posts of vegan #fitspo and out of this world smoothie bowls, younger people are being drawn into this cruelty-free lifestyle. Most vegans are in the age range of 15-35, so mostly young adults and we all know how hungry young people are. So we think it would behoove the restaurant industry to really work to cater to the new, plant-based young person. Welcome to the age of the vegan foodie.

How wonderful it would be to no longer hear, "Where do you eat?" or "What do you even eat?" We could just be invited or tag along and enjoy wherever we go! So, here's to a new year full of cruelty-free restaurant options and to many more places to visit for eats, treats and dates.

But if you really want to see more vegan options out there then here's a major tip: Don't be shy to make some suggestions at your favorite restaurant; they may be open to accommodating you, especially if others do the same.

About Amarie Halley

Amarie is a Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist, Makeup artist and Cruelty-Free beauty guru. She's natural food buff and loves holistic remedies, tinctures and healing foods. Her passion is bringing beauty and compassion together, for inside and out gorgeousness!

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