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So What Are These Greens Powders About?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Greens powders are becoming more and more popular, but do they compare to their fresh counterparts? Greens powders are fruit and vegetables that are freeze-dried or light-dried. They provide additional servings of fruit and vegetables without the calories seen in traditional fruit. They are usually high in fiber, and low in fat and cholesterol.

Vegan Coach

These are beneficial for those that need /want additional fruit and vegetables or those that have trouble digesting them. It provides an additional source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals without the calories. By adding additional fruit and vegetables, body pH is alkalized, which is thought to be of benefit to overall health. Low or acidic pH has been associated with decreased bone health, excessive cortisol levels which increase the chances of heart disease and diabetes, and impaired thyroid function. Another advantage to greens powders is their portability, especially for those that need to get their fruit and vegetables on the road.

Are All Greens Powders the Same?

The simple answer is no. A report from stated that almost one-third of all greens powders tested do not live up to their dietary claims and may be contaminated with lead, arsenic or potentially harmful bacteria. Make sure that your purchase your supplements from a healthcare provider.

Do These Take The Place of Eating Fruits and Vegetables?

No, these are to be used as an adjunct to your diet. If you are eating over ten serving of fruit and vegetables a day, a greens supplement will be of little help. If you are on a calorie restricted diet, greens powders will help you get some of the essential nutrients; however, these are not to be substituted for multivitamins.

These are the greens that I recommend. If you are interested in taking them and see if it is right for you, please call the office for an appointment.

The above post was contributed by Dr. Scott Schreiber. Dr. Scott Schreiber has been practicing in Newark, Delaware for over eleven years. He is a chiropractic physician that is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition. He is a certified nutrition specialist and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.

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